Stat 450 Advanced R for Data Science

Department of Statistics and Biostatistics

California State University, East Bay

Fall 2019

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Finals Week: Week of Dec. 9

I will be holding office hours on Monday as usual. I will be avilable in my office from 2-3pm. I will not be holding my office hours on Wednesday. In place of this office hour I will be avilable on Monday from 7-8pm, before the final exam. On Wednesday I will be avilable by email.

Next Semester:

Now that you are familar for R and RStudio the next step is Stat. 452 Statistical Learning. In Stat. 452 you will learn about modern ML learning algorithms for Classification, Prediction, and Cluster.

Week 15:

Stat. 450 Final

The final will be on Monday December 9 at 8:00pm.

The Final will cover topics from Chapter 8 through 16.

While the Final will focus on the Chapters since the Midterm, you should review Chapter 1 through 7. You will need to know how to tidy your data and compute using your data. And you will need to know how to make plots using ggplot. Review Chapters 3.

Question 1: Wrangle your data into a form where you can summarize the data and plot the data. Merge data. Know how to convert date-time data.

Question 2: Be able to make bar graphs from raw data and from summarized data. Be able to make side-by-side boxplots.

Question 3: Be able to tidy a data set.

Question 4: Be able to work with strings and factors. Review

Question 5: Be able to perform a two-sample t-test.

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How is Homework 2 going?

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