Stat. 694 Research in Statistics and Biostatistics

a.k.a. Data Science Workgroup


Prof. Eric A. Suess


August 15, 2022


Welcome to Stat. 694 Research in Statistics and Biostatistics.

This course will give you the opportunity to work on a research project of interest to you. Your project can compliment the courses you have taken and will take in the MS Statistics program. Or it can expand your knowledge into new related areas that would be helpful in your job search or application process to a PhD program.

This course evolved out of the an informal student club called the Data Science Club. The club has been active in the past and hopefully will continue to be active. This course was created to offer students a yearly opportunity to participate in working on an individualized research project.

The course is offered during Fall Semesters and continues in the Spring Semesters as the Data Science Workgroup.

The course can be thought of as the Data Science Workgroup or it can be thought of as:

  1. The Innovation class
  2. Data Technologies class
  3. Foundations in R for Data Science

There are many ways to think of this class, you will need to define what you think the class will be for you.