Department of Statistics

California State University, Hayward 

Fall 2012

Stat 6401: Advanced Probability I

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Week 11:

  • Midterm 2, take-home, due Monday.  Solution posted in Bb.
  • Homework 6 due Monday.  Solution posted in Bb.
  • Quiz 2 returned Monday.  Solution posted in Bb.
  • Project due Wednesday.
  • Any Extra Credit due Wednesday.  Extended to no later than the Final exam period.
  • Final next week.  Stat6401FinalReview.pdf


  • Good video about Statistics

Statistics2013 Launch Video Released

The International Year of Statistics launch video is now available for you to view, use and distribute.

Created by SAS, the video does an excellent job portraying the many and varied ways that statistics impacts our lives.

Titled Improving Human Welfare in 2013 International Year of Statistics, the video is accessible via the SAS YouTube channel at:


Week 10:

  • Quiz 2 Wednesday November 28.
  • Midterm 2, take-home, given Wednesday November 28.  Due Monday December 3.
  • Midterm 2, Problem 3  CLTcorrectsim.R
  • Homework 6 due Monday December 3.
  • Solutions to Homework 4 and 5 have been posted in Blackboard.

Week 9:

  • We will discuss Homework 5 in class today.
  • Homework 6 has been posted.

Week 8:

  • Monday Veterans Day holiday, no class.
  • Solution to Midterm problems 4 and 5 posted on Blackboard.  See class notes for the solutions to problems 1 - 3.
  • Project, PART II.  ProjectPARTII - Stat6401.pdf  due Wednesday Dec. 5.

Week 7:

  • Homework 4 due date will be postponed until Wednesday November 7.  Please ask questions about the problems in class on Monday.
  • The graded midterm will be returned on Wednesday.
  • Homework 5 has been posted, due Monday November 19.
  • Project, PART I will be due Wednesday November 14 because of the holiday, Monday November 12, no class that day.
  • Extra Credit EC6401.pdf

Week 6:

Week 5:

  • This week, midterm 1 is on Wednesday in class.
  • Quiz 1 will be returned on Monday.
  • Homework 3 solution and Quiz 1 solution have been posted in Blackboard.

Week 4:

  • This week, quiz 1 is on Wednesday.
  • Homework 3 has been posted, due Monday, October 22.

Week 3:

  • Homework 2 has been posted, due Monday, October 15.
  • Quiz 1 next week Wed. Oct. 17
  • Midterm 1, Quiz 2, Midterm 2 dates have been posted.
  • The grading scale has been updated on the syllabus to include quizzes.  (correction was discussed on the first day of class)

Week 2:

  • Homework 1 due Monday, October 8.

Week 1:

  • Welcome to Graduate Probability I.  This course will cover probability theory and applications.  The book we will be using is by Rice, Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, 3rd Edition.
  • Homework 1 will be posted this week.
  • This week we discussed the basic probability rule, conditional probability, combinatorics, and probability simulation.
  • The Handouts for class will be posted under the Handouts link above.  I have added an introduction to R handout that should be useful in getting started with R also. 
  • If you are interested in downloading the software program R see the Statistics Software link above.  Go to the R-project website, click on CRAN under Downloads, select a site to download from, select Windows, then base, and then rw****.exe. Then install.

Week 0:

  • The required book for the class will be Rice, Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, 3rd Edition.
  • There are many excellent books that might be considered extra reading in areas of application.  For example,
    • Ewens and Grant, Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics, An Introduction
    • Carne, Telecommunications Topics: Applications of Functions & Probabilities in Electrical Communications
    • Carne, Telecommunications Primer: Data, Voice, and Video Communications