Department of Statistics

California State University, Hayward 

Fall 2002

Stat 6601: Advanced Statistical Computing

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Week 10:

  • The Introduction to Bayesian Estimation Chapter has been posted on the Handouts page.
  • There will be a take-home quiz given today.
  • Be sure to turn in all outstanding homework today.

Week 9:

  • This week we will cover an introduction to Bayesian Statistics and Gibbs Sampling, the main computation method used to implement Bayesian inference.  See the Handouts link for the reading and material on this topic.
  • How to get started with BUGS

Week 8:

  • This week we will be covering exact tests - permutation tests and randomization tests.  We will also cover some nonparametric and parametric methods for analyzing categorical data.
  • You should be completing you review of your paper this week.  I would like to collect them this week on Wednesday.
  • Project:  Find a dataset of interest to you and perform the appropriate classical and resampling methods of analysis (bootstrap or randomization testing).
  • The StatXact manual will be placed on the I-drive until it gets installed correctly.


Week 7:

  • We will continue to discuss BCa bootstrap confidence intervals and begin discussing randomization testing.
  • The inclass part of the midterm will be returned on Wednesday. midterm1sol.pdf

Week 6:

  • Midterm Monday.  You may use as many pages of notes that you prepare for the test.  You may not use your book or class notes.
  • This week we will be covering bca CI's.
  • The take-home project part of the midterm is due next Monday.

Week 5:

  • Quiz Monday.  You may use one page of notes, front and back.
  • There is a program posted for the trimmed mean program for the time on target data.  See Handouts.
  • There are three other examples of using the bootstrap.  ceo, poll, and relative risk.  See Handouts.

Week 4:

Week 3:

Week 2:


  • Homework 2 has been posted.

Week 1:

Week 0:

A website with suggestions about how to make better PowerPoint presentations.

The American Statistician search.

Buy the text book online.

Resampling Articles

Clifford E. Lunneborg's website