Department of Statistics

California State University, Hayward 

Spring 2006

Stat 3910/4910: Statistical Software Design/"Advanced" Statistical Software Design, aka, Statistical Software Packages

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Week 10:

  • Someone asked about how to make a scatterplot matrix in SAS.  See Proc Insight from the UCLA website on SAS.  fancy_graphics
  • See Handouts for links to example Proc IML and Proc SQL

Week 9:

Week 8:

Week 7:

  • The Take-home midterm is due on Wednesday.   Please print out your results and turn them in in class.
  • I am still working on grading the in-class midterm, it will be returned next Monday.  Sorry for the delay.

Week 6:

  • The quiz will be returned on Monday.
  • The midterm will be given in class on Wednesday May 3.
  • Take-home Midterm Part II, verify your results on the Midterm by conducting the statistical analysis for problems 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the computer.  rain.txt  heart.txt  heart1.txt  heart.xls
  • Both part of the Take-home Midterm will be due next week 5/10/2006.
  • And hw 4 should be completed next week also.

Week 5:

  • Quiz 1 will be given in class on Wednesday April 26.
  • The Midterm will give the following Wednesday May 3.
  • There will be two parts of the Take-home Midterm Part I related to locating information is a large summary dataset.  cahsee00.doc    cahsee00.txt
  • Homework 4 has been posted.

Week 4:

  • A handout has been posted giving a Monte Carlo experiment related to the independent two-sample t-test.
  • Homework 4 has not been posted yet.

Week 3:

  • Homework 3 has been posted.
  • Homework 1 was due Friday.  Please let me know if you have had problems submitting the homework through Blackboard.
  • I would like to collect Homework 2 by next Monday.
  • Homework 3 will likely be due the following week.

Week 2:

  • Homework 1 has been corrected for Stat 4910, the problems for the new edition are listed with the previous edition problems are in (  ).  Please complete the last problems this week and submit them by Friday.
  • Homework 2 has been posted with the correct problems.  This will be due next week.

Week 1:

  • Required books for Statistics 3910: Using SPSS for Windows: Analyzing and Understanding Data, 2nd Edition, by Green, Salkind, and Akey (GSA)
  • Required books for Statistics 4910: Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language, 5th Edition (CS)

Week 0:

  • I just found out that I will be teaching this class on Friday, so I will be updating this website before Monday's class.