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California State University, East Bay 

Spring 2005

Stat 1000: Elements of Probability and Statistics

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Week 10:

  • Hw #8 will not be collected. 
  • The solutions for Hw #7 and Hw #8 have been posted on Blackboard.
  • Some example data sets: UCDavis2.MTW    ProfBooks.MTW    mouse.MTW
  • Miniproject 3 is due Monday.
  • Extra Credit: 11.70a, 11.71a, 13.16 and redo same analysis for Price.  Due Monday.
  • Final is Monday.  Here are some suggestions about studying for the final: finalreview.doc
  • Finally, read the Ten Guiding Principles on page 607.

Week 9:

Week 8:

  • Midterm 2 is on Monday.
  • The solution to HW #6 has been posted on Blackboard under Course Documents.
  • HW #7 has been posted.
  • There will be one more homework assignment posted next week.

Week 7:

  • We will complete the lecture for HW #5 today, Monday.  You may turn in HW #5 on Wednesday.
  • HW #6 has been posted and some of it will be covered on the Midterm next Monday.
  • Midterm 2 will be give next week on Monday.
  • The solution to homework 4 and 5 have been posted on Blackboard.
  • Midterm Review: Midterm2Review.doc

Week 6:

Week 5:

  • hw3 will be collected on Friday April 29
  • Miniproject 1 will be collected on Friday also
  • There will be a quiz on Friday related to Correlation and Regression
  • Excel handouts for correlation and regression have been posted under the Handouts link above.
  • The graded Midterm will be returned on Friday in class.
  • Midterm 1 solutions: sample.MTW    balls.xls    ACT.MPJ    airline.xls    coffee.xls    SAT.MPJ
  • Homework #4 has been posted and will be due next week on Wednesday May 4.

RE: hw, miniproject 1

Hello everyone,

This is just a reminder that hw 3 will have a due date later this week.  We need to finish introducing correlation and linear regression. 

 hw 3 is due Friday April 29

 I have received a number of emails asking me what question or questions is being asked about in the Miniproject 1.  The main question that we discussed in class was

"What is the difference in your pulse rate under different activity levels."

Some other questions about the data might be, how can we calculate the average of the data from each level to see how your pulse rate differs?  Another question might be, is there a difference in the pulse or variation in the data at each level of activity.

Another question about graphically representing the data, how can one graphically compare the different groups of data on one graph?  Ans: By making a side-by-side boxplot.

You should think of a few other questions and answer them also.

 As for Writing up the paper, the paper should look like a paper not a hw assignment.  It must be typed and have the following

1. Title

2. Your name and the name of the class.

3. Introduction: Describe what you did and why you were asked to do it.

4. Body of analysis:  Discuss at least 3 main issues.  The comparison between the 3 groups.  What the means are and how they differ.  The comparison of the spread in each group and how they differ.  You should prepare a side-by-side boxplot and discuss this for sure, it might be for the first issue.

5. Conclusions: You might search google for what the average pulse rate is for Americans at you age group.  State anything else you might have learned.

Hopefully this gives a little better idea of what to work on when writing up your report on your pulse rate.

Prof. Suess


Week 4:

Week 3:

  • Mini-Project 1 has been posted, see Handouts above.  A requirements document has also been posted.  Due April 25.
  • Homework #3 has been posted.

Week 2:

  • Homework #2 will be posted on Wednesday and will be short this week so we can get caught up from last week.
  • Homework #1 will be collected next week on Monday along with the short Homework #2.
  • An in-class Quiz #1 will be given Friday.  To study for the quiz you should complete the Tutorial Quiz on the books Website.  Click on Utts above.  Select Chapter 1 and then Tutorial Quiz.  Also, for Chapter 2.
  • Please see Handouts above to find the GENDER and ACCIDENTS data from class.
  • Mini-Project 1 has been posted, see Handouts above.  Due April 25.
  • The date of the first midterm has been posted, see Important Dates above.  April 20.
  • On Friday April 22 the Annual Statistics Research Day will be held.  So class will be to attend the event during class time.  A short quiz will be give. 
  • The books PowerPoint presentations have been posted on Blackboard under Course Materials.

Week 1:

  • Homework #1 has been posted.
  • See the Handouts link for in class materials.
  • If you were present on the first day of classes there is a grade of 1 point for the Introductory information turned in.  You should log into Blackboard and check to see if you received credit.  If you have just added the class your name might not be in the system yet.  I will check back next week to see if you have been added and will record your point.
  • Please see Handouts above to find the AGE, CLASSES, and UNITS data from class.
  • Please see Handouts above to find links to the stemplot.doc and histogram.doc handouts.